Oil & Gas Application

AFC has been providing engineered valves to the oil and gas industry for more than ten years. With enough experience, AFC Valve is recognized as one of the most reliable supplier in the world market. Up to now, our ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, plug valve and butterfly valve etc. are installed in almost all areas of the oil & gas industrial applications.

The below table list some of the products, AFC supplied to oil and gas industry.

Main Applications Main Applied Products
API 6A Christmas Tree
Oil & Gas Field (Wellhead) API 6A Wellhead Equipment
Onshore & Offshore Drilling Platform Cryogenic Valves
API 6D Pipeline Ball Valves
Oil & Gas Pipeline API 6D Pipeline Slab & Expanding Gate Valves
Oil Depot/Tank API 6D Pipeline Full Opening Check Valves
CNG/LNG/LPG Facilities API 6D Pipeline Plug Valves
API 6D Pipeline Pigging Valve
Conventional Ball, GGC, Plug, Butterfly Valves
Oil Refinery Bellow Seal Valves
Gas Processing Plant Actuated Control Valves

Chemical Application

With 10+ exporting experience, our technicians know different chemical plant processes and challenges, we can help our customers to choose and dimension the right valve for each specific use. We offer a wide valve ranges from standard to application-specific technologies which ensure us to offer ideal solutions for the customers’ needs.

Main Applications Main Applied Products
Conventional Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve
Based Chemical Check Valve, Plug, Butterfly Valves, Pinch Valve
Cryogenic Valves
Petrochemical Bellow Seal Valves
Drug/ Pharmaceuticals Actuated Control Valve
Actuated Control Valve


AFC offers a wide range of mining solutions. AFC will carefully consider the working conditions, product flow, mechanical status and wear condition, then design and submit the best solution of valves, to help customer improve processing capacity and service life, reduce downtime caused by maintenance.

Main Applications Main Applied Products
Iron Mine Exploitation and Smelting Conventional Gate, Butterfly Valve
Aluminum Mine Exploitation and Processing Metal Seated Ball Valve
Nickel Mine Exploitation and Processing Knife Gate Valve, Pinch Valve
Copper Mine Exploitation and Processing Copper Mine Exploitation and Processing


Everywhere in the world is making every effort to meet the growing demand for electricity worldwide. The power industry has been looking for new ways to develop precious energy resources more quickly, safely and efficiently, while minimizing the impact on the environment. In the fields of coal power generation, natural gas power generation, nuclear power generation and other renewable energy sources, YDF helps customers solve their challenges. With technical and professional engineering experience, service solutions and global capabilities, we provide customized end-to-end solutions for customers at all stages of power generation projects. From traditional power plants to nuclear and renewable power plants, YDF helps customers with different power ranges to reduce downtime, optimize energy efficiency and create a safer working environment.

Main Applications Main Applied Products
Steam / Thermal Power Plant
Hydro Power Station PSB GGC Valves
Geothermal Power Station Forged Steel Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve
Natural Gas Power Plant Nuclear Power Plant


With increasing shipping demands, shipbuilders will have more opportunities and face more challenges. AFC’s customized marine valve offer the shipbuilders and ship owners the suitable valves which can save cost and reduce risks. With reliable quality, complete product categories, marine accreditations and global service network, AFC has become the most suitable choice in marine industry.

Main Applications Main Applied Products
Passenger Liner Ship Marine Valves
Cargo Ship Cast Iron Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Butterfly Valves With Bronze Trim
Oil Tanker Cryogenic Valve
LPG/LNG Ship Strainers


The water industry is mainly for keep the potable water safe, healthy and clean while transporting, treat the waste water in a high efficient, eco-friendly and recyclable way, treat sea water more useful during desalination, people are always seeking methods to maximize water resource sharing in order to ensure sufficient water supply, but aged production facilities and external water-transmission lines are usually increase of maintenance and wasting of resources. AFC Valve can offer advanced solutions for waters treatment; our products can help customers optimize production and pipeline facilities, greatly increased working efficiency and decrease the costs.

Main Applications Main Applied Products
Potable Water Lined Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Plug, Butterfly Valves
Waste/ Sewage Water Knife Gate Valve
Sea Water Strainers