Pinch valves are popular in recent years due to the high cost-effective and can work in serve
Environment. In the past, China imported a lot of pinch valves each year, but today, this situation is different, China begin to export a lot of pinch valves, the number is getting increasing.
The most important part of any pinch valve is its elastomer sleeve. The sleeve is truly the “heart” of the pinch valve, providing corrosion and abrasion resistance and pressure containment. The quality of any pinch valve is only as good as the quality of its sleeve.
AFC adopts purely hand-made rubber sleeves. The sleeves have three layer structure. The innermost layer is imported LNT rubber with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The middle layer use fabric interlayer to strengthen intensity. The outer layer is protective layer of natural rubber. Quality sleeves make quality pinch valves, AFC pinch valves are widely used in mining, chemical, power etc.
In the new year, we believe that, pinch valve will have a further development, the percentage of exporting will get increased.