“ Annie, pls check the new e-mail I sent, it is urgent.”

“ Annie, we need a sample to test, so pls confirm the delivery.”

The first day of Year 2020, I am ready for a hang-out when I got the above emails from our customers.

“It seems that no time for hang-out.” I grumbled.

A dilemma between a date and an urgent demand from our customers.

I choose the latter without any hesitation.

It is a familiar story.

You started your own business because you wanted to be in better control of your life.

You sacrificed time off to build up your own company. And now you wonder where that control went  as

you continue to neglect your hankering for vacation.

The fact is that I would check the emails or messages as usual whenever there are major holiday in the past

Few years.

In case of any urgent requests from overseas customers during holidays, I could be there to support.

All for the sake of a built-to-last family business. You have no other choices but put all of your efforts in it.

Happy New Year 2020 and may the new year bring you peace, joy, and happiness!

In order to celebrate new year, our company will give some discount for the first 6 orders

of Year 2020. For more details, pls contact us at info@afc-valve.com.