AFC Valve ensures that all the valves are manufactured according with the most advanced technology and the customer’s needs. AFC Valve objective is to fully satisfy the customer’s requirements and expectations.
AFC Valve committed to developing quality customized solutions for our customers. We not only have quality materials, quality equipment, but mostly importantly quality people. Our inspectors can as third party company to offer the professional inspection services.


AFC Valve always take the quality in the first place, continuously improve service brand awareness & customer satisfaction. Today, AFC Valve has build complete quality control systems which can make us to meet the highest level international standards and offer the customer the most quality products.
AFC team will make in process inspections and tests ( conventional tests like pressure tests, special tests) to ensure each valve is qualified, unqualified valves will not be delivered to the customers.


◆ Mechanical tests, hardness test and impact test up to -196°C .
◆ Micro-examinations by electronic microscope up to 500 times magnification .
◆ Macro-examinations .
◆ Ferrite check according to E562 .
◆ Chemical analysis from CS Super Alloys, using spectrometer.
◆ Check analysis, C&S using induction analyzer .
◆ Corrosion tests (eg IGC) .
◆ Step cooling test for alloy steel material [F22].


◆ Ultrasonic Inspections
◆ Magnetic particle Inspections
◆ Liquid dye Penetrant Inspections
◆ Radiographic Testing (RT)
◆ Visual testing (VT)