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Control Valve

Control valve is also called regulating valve. In the field of industrial automation process control, it receives output signal by the adjustment control unit and uses power operation to change the final control element of process parameters such as medium flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level. Generally, control valve includes actuators and valves.

 Control Valve Types

According to the characteristics of the travel, the control valve can be    divided into linear control valve and angle control valve; according   to different operations, it can be classified to: pneumatic   control valve, electric control valve, and hydraulic   control  valve. According to its function and characteristics   control valve are divided into three types: linear characteristic,   equal percentage characteristic and parabolic characteristic.

Control Valve Applications

Control valve includes actuator + valve body parts where the actuator is the pushing device of the control valve, which produces the corresponding  thrust according to the magnitude of the signal pressure,   so that the push rod produces the corresponding displacement, thus driving the spool of the control valve action.

As a leading China control valve manufacturer and supplier, AFC control    valve is featured with simple structure, reliable and stable action, large output force, easy installation and maintenance, cheap and fire-proof.

Control valves are suitable for air, water, steam, various corrosive media,  slurry, oil and other media. Control valve is the most widely used type of    final control element, which plays a very important role in the automatic  control of modern factories.

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