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Pneumatic Control Valve

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Pneumatic Control Valve

Pneumatic control valve uses compressed gas as power source, cylinder as actuator, and uses valve positioner, converter, solenoid valve, retainer valve, gas tank, gas filter and other accessories to drive the valve to achieve the switch value. Or proportional adjustment, receiving the control signal of the industrial automation control system to complete the adjustment of the pipeline medium: flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters.

Pneumatic control valve is characterized by simple control, fast response, and intrinsically safe, without additional explosion-proof measures. It is the most Popular one which most of the customers will choose.

Pneumatic or air control valve is one of the industrial process control instruments widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial enterprises.

It is usually a combination instrument formed by the connection of pneumatic actuator and regulating valve after installation and commissioning.

There are  two types of pneumatic control valve: air to open type and air to close type. Air to Open type  is when the air pressure on the diaphragm head increases, the valve moves in the direction of increasing the opening, and when the upper limit of the input air pressure is reached, the valve is in the fully open state.

Conversely, when the air pressure decreases, the valve moves in the direction of closing, and when there is no air input, the valve is fully closed.

Therefore, sometimes the air open type valve is also called Fail to Close (FC). Air to Close type  action direction is exactly the opposite of the air to open type.

When the air pressure increases, the valve to close the direction of action; air pressure is reduced or not, the valve to open the direction or fully open until. Therefore, sometimes also known as failure to open type (FO).

Pneumatic control valve  is either air open or air closed, usually through the actuator of the positive and negative action and the valve state structure of the different assembly methods to achieve.


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